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The Dreams of an Indoor Pug-tzu

25 Jul

Ooo friends, I have exciting news: I found BOTH of my cameras AND their chargers! Wahoo! That means real posts with real pictures this week. Huzzah! In the meantime, I wanted to share this awesome video made by the boy starring none other than my sweet li’l Sully. Behold and be glad you did.

Catch you again soon!


A beastly return

25 Jun

The reasoning behind this name is two-fold. First, look who is back in my life full time:

SULLY! Sully Sully Sully! My little stinky furball! The world’s greatest pug zu!

Holy heck, does she need a haircut.

Anyway, the second reason is that the little monster and I made our first trip to the farmers market this year as a matching (or not) set. I’m still digging into the recesses of my closet (you don’t want to see that!) to find my camera, so I didn’t take any photos this time of the market itself, but expect them as soon as I get my crap together. Here’s our haul this time, though:

Clockwise from top left:

  • Fresh corn: $.50 each, or $2 for all four ears
  • Summer squashes: $3 for all four
  • Un-freaking-believable fresh Havarti from LOMAH Dairy: $9
  • A green bean/new potato bag: $5
  • Natchez blackberries: $4
  • TOTAL: $23

Yes, the Havarti was expensive, and no, I don’t plan to eat it, but one taste made me realize that the boy had to have it. It’s so, so, SO GOOD. Plus, the dairy doesn’t use antibiotics, lets the cows roam free, AND doesn’t sell off the retired milkers: they have their own pasture in which to roam and graze. How could I say no? They also sell pasteurized, non-homogenized milk by the gallon. I will have to see if the boy wants some of that next time.

My bag wasn’t as heavy as usual, but I was trying to be realistic. There are still things in the fridge we need to eat, so I didn’t want to go stopped myself from going crazy. Next week is another ball game, though. What were Sully’s thoughts on the whole experience?

She was a little tired. In fact, after three attempts to get in the car herself, I finally had to pick her up. Those fuzzy legs can only work so hard.

One final note: I want to send a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to another veg blogger in Tulsa, Ashley! Check her out if you haven’t yet.

Small bounty

18 Sep

The withdrawals have started. My heart is pounding, though that could just be the coffee; my throat is scratchy, but that could be the allergies; and I have a sinking feeling in my stomach that can be attributed to nothing else. Yes, the Cherry Street Farmers Market will make its last appearance for the year on October 2. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go that day, which means next Saturday will be my last trip until May. Pass me a tissue.

I took Sully again today, so I didn’t bike. I had little money to spend, and as a result my bounty was not as bountiful as you’ve seen here before:

Before you are (clockwise from top left) purple hull peas, 1 lb of sweet potatoes, 1/4 lb of maitake mushrooms, and a block of Prairie Fire cheese from Hardesty Cheese. The latter is for my taller half, one cheese-eating fiend. I tried a sample of it once before I bought it for him, and it is good — smooth white cheese with some serious bite.

The mushrooms are, as always, from Mushroom Planet. You have two more chances to buy from her, so get on it! I’m madly in love with the maitakes. They are unbelievable sauteed in a little olive oil. They are great in risotto, in miso soup, and by themselves.

Suddenly lots of folks have sweet potatoes for $2/lb. I couldn’t pass it up. And the purple hull peas are one of my favorite discoveries this year. Look out for a wonderful recipe featuring them this week.

Sully, the little craphead, loves the farmers market. She is a people dog, not overly fond of other canines, but she’ll tolerate them for the chance that humans will adore her. And they do. I must tell her breed between two and five times every time we go. I am asked very frequently if she’s a Brussels griffon. (For the record, she’s a pug zu, born of the star-crossed love between a pug and a shih tzu. Apparently some people breed them on purpose, but I gather mine was an accident — an adorable, stinky one.) The 20- or 30-minute jaunt around the market wipes her out, though, even when it isn’t blazingly hot. Here she is post-trip:

Isn’t it great that I got a dog that matched the carpets? Or, rather, chose a carpet that matched my dog. That’s what she looks like most hours of most days, to be fair. Want a dog that doesn’t chew chords, bite, require much exercise, bark, or mind being the only pet? Get a pug zu. Want a guard dog, a pet to take on runs, or something to eat your leftovers that aren’t entirely wheat bread or cream cheese or ketchup? Then you’re barking up the wrong breed.

Do you mourn the farmers market when it packs up for the year? What do you do to get fresh, local veggies throughout the fall?

Sullying my morning

4 Sep

Today is not off to a good start. I passed out early last night with a migraine, so I did manage to wake up almost on time without the aid of my alarm clock. However, once I was showered and dressed, things did not go according to plan. The dog woke up in a bad mood, apparently, and decided to be willful and not pee on the dewy grass. This, my friends, is why many people recommend having stupid dogs. Smart dogs may learn quicker, but one of the things they learn is to be a royal pain in your ass. For reference, this is the little craphead herself with her BFF the Grinch (explains so much about her):

Ten pounds of stinky, stubborn fury.

And here’s a picture of her being a creeper:

And here she is dressed in her native Ewok garb:

And here’s a video of her from this past winter’s snow storm:

Anyway, typically she accompanies me to the farmers market on Saturday mornings. It’s one of her favorite things, and one of mine, too. So I decided not to ride my bike this morning so I could take her along. Instead, she acted like the little female dog that she is and got herself in trouble. I do not hit my dog, but this is one of the mornings that I really, really wanted to. Instead, she got a “time out,” which is 30 minutes alone in the bathroom. That is, after she FINALLY peed. It took 15 minutes. Usually she’s done in less than five in the mornings.

Anyway, I left her behind, and by now it’s a few minutes after 8:00. I decided to speed through the market so I could still make my 9 a.m. yoga class, located about 20 minutes from my apartment. I’m doing well until I make my weekly stop at the Coffee House on Cherry Street‘s outside booth. He fills my cup a little less than halfway and realizes he’s out of coffee. So I go inside to have it filled up the rest of the way. The people in front of me are chatting up the barista, a local singer, so much that I wait 10 minutes just to get my joe topped off. This little exercise in patience — a virtue I do not have — makes me even crankier. I want to apologize to the staff at my favorite coffee place for my curtness. I know it wasn’t your fault.

So, long story short (too late), I don’t get home until 20 minutes before my class starts, which wasn’t enough time to unload my produce and get there at a respectful time. I don’t think it’s OK to be late to class. Sigh. I haven’t been to class in, gosh, more than a month. The Y branch was closed for two weeks due to electrical damage, and then, as soon as it reopened, I injured my arm. I think the universe may have been conspiring to keep me on arm rest for another week.

On the upside, I did get some great buys this morning.

Before you is just a sampling of each item since I didn’t want to dump everything out. I bought (from top row) summer squash (three of each color pictured), three medium-to-small yams, 1/4 pound of shiitake mushrooms, eggs for my taller half, and about a pound of green beans. Add to it $2 for my coffee (which includes tip), I spent $18.75 today. I would have liked more, but I’m on a budget.

It’s going to be an absolutely gorgeous day, so I’m hoping to do something outdoors with my amazing lover man. Maybe a walk on the trail? Or a trip to Woodward Park? Or borrowing a bicycle for him to pedal alongside me? We’ll see once the beast emerges.