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Duchess of Sandwich

19 Jan

I’ve been having food cravings lately. Namely, I want sandwiches pretty much constantly. I honestly find this a little sad. Sandwiches are awesome and all, but there’s a whole world of other kinds of food out there that just don’t particularly appeal to me at the moment. It’s a phase that’ll pass, but in the meantime, I’ve been giving in a lot recently.

Last week, I made a really awesome wrap:

And clearly, I almost ate it entirely before I remembered to snap a pic.

It was a tofu-cilantro spread with broiled zucchini. So good! The tofu recipe was from Student’s Go Vegan Cookbook, but I don’t have a blender yet (tear), so it was modified from a dip to a chunky filling. Essentially you just mash 1/3 of a block of silken tofu with a bunch of cilantro, garlic, lime juice, optional olive oil, salt and pepper. I bet it’s yummy pureed, but I thought it was great this way, too, and I’m not normally a silken tofu enthusiast. The zucchini was very simple: cut into thin spears, toss with a little olive oil and salt and pepper, and broil on a cookie sheet until it browns. I flipped halfway through, and it took about 10 minutes. Delicious!

Yesterday, I bought a sammie from The Curious Palate. I’d show it to you, but my memory card is suddenly not working and I’m too angry to troubleshoot. Here’s someone else’s photo, though:

(from Kristie Manning.)

It was the Florentine minus olives: “goat cheese, baby artichokes, roasted tomatoes, spinach, avocado & Moroccan olives on 5-grain w/ balsamic vinaigrette.” It’s a truly delicious sandwich.

It comes with a quinoa salad that I never eat because it contains either olives or raisins and a housemade pickle. I ate half of it, despite my general pickle dislike, but it was too salty. I also enjoyed OJ that was freshly squeezed and delicious. I haven’t been getting enough fruit in my diet lately.

Today’s lunch is a little sad: Peanut butter on bread. Yep. It’s tasty but not exactly mind-blowing. However, two lunches out during the week is definitely a spending limit for me, so expect something similar tomorrow. On the side I had a “salad” of organic romaine (that I washed in the bathroom sink) and miso dressing (that I stole from a co-worker — sorry!). No pic because my phone’s acting cray cray. Also, it was the lamest lunch ever. I ate each piece of bread separately to slow down my normal eating speed.

Tonight, though, I’m making homemade pizza! Vegan for me; vegetarian for him. I can’t wait!

Are you in a food rut? What’s your poison?


Cookbook of the Week #1: Student’s Go Vegan Cookbook

4 Nov

Tuesday night’s post included the results of a recipe from one of my favorite culinary instruction manuals, Carole Raymond’s Student’s Go Vegan Cookbook.

The author’s previous book, Student’s Vegetarian Cookbook, was my first purchase after deciding to give up meat in 2005, my senior year of college. It quickly became invaluable to me as I negotiated learning most basic kitchen skills and, soon after, returning to my meat-loving home state as a vegetarian. Last year, when I decided to lean towards a dairy-free diet, my taller half and I purchased the vegan book, and it, too, has proven to be an invaluable resource.

Here’s what I love most about this cookbook:
· The recipes are quick, easy, nutritious, and full of whole foods.

· Raymond offers a new spin on a lot of favorite dishes.

· Almost every dish is aimed at one or two diners, perfect for singles or couples.

· Everything I’ve tried runs the gamut from tasty to delicious.

Though I’ve been out of college for four years, the student aim of the book is still great for busy working folks. Being able to get dinner for one or two on the table TV tray in 20 minutes is a godsend on weeknights. Plus, most of the ingredients are inexpensive and easy-to-find, an increasing rarity in vegan cookbooks.

I highly suggest you check out the Student’s Go Vegan Cookbook. When you do, here are a couple of my favorite dishes from it:

  • Chilean Two-Potato Soup
  • Fattoush Bread Salad with Hummus
  • Soba Noodles with Broccoli and Peanut Sauce
  • Caramelized Onion, Walnuts, and Sage Pizza
  • Hot Pocket Mushroom Saute

My rating: **** (out of *****)

Taters and beans

3 Nov

We enjoyed the last two weeks’ all-veggie meals so much that we decided to partake once again. Tonight, the stars were sweet potatoes and green beans:

The sweet potatoes were baked, and I topped mine with black pepper and a different version of my on-the-fly peanut sauce:

  • 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons rice vinegar
  • 1 garlic clove, minced or pressed
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1 teaspoon nutritional yeast
  • 10 dashes of Chipotle Tabasco
  • Enough hot water to thin to desired consistency

Mix it all together in a bowl with a fork. Quick and easy and delicious. This is even better than my previous version, hands down. Most people probably won’t want so much Tabasco, but I like the kick. Also, if you don’t like the bite of raw garlic, you can saute it in some olive oil, roast it, use less, omit it, or try garlic powder. I love raw garlic, so next time I might use two cloves.

My taller half, once again, went the butter-cinnamon-and-brown sugar route:

Yes, our living room is that dark even with the light on. The green beans were topped with Dijon mustard, oregano, and toasted sesame seeds. The method is courtesy of Carole Raymond’s Student’s Go Vegan Cookbook. I would have preferred fresh green beans, but they looked unappetizing, so we went with frozen.

Other than the inactive baking time for the sweet potatoes, this was a quick and easy dinner.

For dessert, I’ll be polishing off the last peanut butter cup.