I created this page to help me track my goals and for accountability purposes. Sharing my intentions with my readers really helps keep me on track!

30 Things to Do Before I Turn 30

1. Have a baby.

2. Learn to change the oil in my car.

3. Run a 10K.

4. Either buy a house or do extensive research on the how/when/where of the process.

5. Write a TV pilot.

6. Make friends with my sewing machine.

7. Find a regular volunteer position.

8. Audition for something — anything!

9. Grow my own herbs.

10. Apply for graduate school.

11. Take a surfing lesson.

12. Upgrade my wardrobe.

13. Take a cake-decorating class.

14. Hike up to the Hollywood sign.

15. Try out three churches in LA.

16. Go camping.

17. Make a dent in my debt.

18. Make a wedding time capsule.

19. Support my husband’s dream.

20. Teach someone (other than my husband) to do something I love.

21. Submit an article for publication.

22. Complete a project for Craft Hope.

23. Join a wine club.

24. Do something that scares me — because it scares me.

25. See a waterfall.

26. Become more assertive at work.

27. Get into a workout routine.

28. Set up a cleaning schedule — and stick to it.

29. Let go.

30. Carve out time for my passions.


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