Meal planning for Jan 20-26

20 Jan

Happy Sunday! I’m in the midst of a four-day weekend, thanks to being sick on Friday and MLK Day tomorrow. I’ve been keeping myself very busy, though.

Today started at 7 a.m. so I could drive to the west side. By 8, I was running five miles beside the Pacific Ocean. I asked some running friends on Twitter what to do to prevent/treat knee and ankle pain, and in addition to stretching, strengthening my legs, wearing a brace, and buying new shoes, someone recommended running on a softer surface, such as the beach. It sounded like a fun challenge for today’s long run, especially since I needed to be in Culver City at 9:30 this morning anyway. It was tough — I walked more than I wanted — but it did feel bette on my joints. Plus, you can’t beat the ocean view. No pictures since I was just soaking it all in. Afterward I went — kinda sweaty and gross, sorry folks — to a cooking demo at Native Foods, which I’ll share more about next week.

I am trying to treat today like a normal Sunday, so I did my meal planning and grocery shopping. Here is today’s CSA box:

Before you is:

-red chard
-curly kale
-red leaf lettuce
-chiogga beets
-little purple turnips
-purple kohlrabi
-cute skinny carrots
-bacon avocados

Here’s what’s on the menu

Breakfast: Polenta and egg (me), green smoothies (him)


Sunday — Chips, dips and carrots
Monday — probably a quick pasta
Tuesday-Thursday — Roasted beet-turnip-kohlrabi salad
Friday-Saturday — Taco salad
For him — Yet another hummus recipe with carrots, celery, and corn chips


Sunday — Salad
Monday-Tuesday — Bean burritos with cashew cheese sauce
Wednesday-Thursday — Lentil soup
Friday-Saturday — Avocado and portobello sandwiches

This week, Mr. X wants to start learning to cook, so we’re starting with a basic lentil soup. He has incredibly limited experience in the kitchen, which is part of why I decided that soup was a good starting point. It really only involved chopping, simmering, and tasting for the right flavor balance.

As for my workouts this week, the schedule is pretty much the same as last week:


Sunday (today) – 5-mile run
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 3-mile run plus strides and a yoga podcast
Wednesday – class at Pop Physique (last one!)
Thursday – 4-mile run
Friday – bike ride, yoga podcast and legs/butt
Saturday – 3-mile run plus strides and arms/abs
Sunday – 5-mile run

I burned about 1,800 calories this past week! Pretty exciting stuff.

Now I’m going to relax while watching the Patriots/Ravens game before I attempt to do anything else. I. Am. Exhausted!

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3 Responses to “Meal planning for Jan 20-26”

  1. Tammy January 20, 2013 at 7:35 pm #

    what is a bacon avocado?

  2. inherchucks January 24, 2013 at 11:22 pm #

    Love chiogga beets! They are so pretty 🙂

    That roasted beet, turnip, kohlrabi salad sounds divine…

    Thanks for sharing and linking up.

    Ps: got some of my own bacon avocados too!

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