Whose rag? Hoo Rag!

16 Jan

Disclosure: Per FTC guidelines, I want to clarify that I received the following product for free but am not otherwise being compensated for this review. If I didn’t like the product, I would tell you so! The review that follows is totally my opinion.

Back in December, a representative from Hoo Rag emailed me to see if I wanted to test out their product and possibly write a review on it for my blog. I have a really small head (but seriously) and fine, wispy hair, so I was curious to see if the Hoo Rag would be capable of keeping everything in place while I exercise. This was the first time I’ve ever said yes to a review request.

I wanted to give the product a full test run before I gave you my opinion, so together we’ve been on eight runs, canoodled during yoga twice, and sweated through four Pop Physique classes. I have also run it through the washer and dryer twice. Here it is on my tiny pea head the first time I used it, while I look awkward and sleepy at 6:45 a.m.:

Hoo Rag 1They sent me the Hoo Rag in Winter Willow, which wouldn’t have been my first choice from the site — I probably would have gone with something sillier like the Hootensil or the Groovy Hoo — but I actually love that it’s neutral and goes with everything.

Basically the Hoo Rag is a stretchy tube of fabric that you can use in a bunch of different ways, kind of like the infinity dress of head/sweat bands. There’s a whole video on the different  ways you can wear it, though I stick with the basic headband:

Hoo Rag 2It took two wearings for me to figure out my preferred way of putting it on. As I mentioned, I have a tiny head that would better suit a 7-year-old than a grown woman, and stretchy headbands never ever ever fit me. After about five minutes, they slide right off the back of my head. My first run wearing the Hoo Rag involved some tugging and shifting, but I discovered that wearing it a little thicker (as in, not bunched up too skinny) and covering my hairline eliminated the problem. I also found that wearing it over my ears keeps it in place better, and it also secures my ear buds, which tend to fall out of my toddler-sized ear holes.

After our 14 workout sessions together, I am happy to report that I really love my Hoo Rag! It has replaced the big plastic headband I used to rock (which eventually gives me a headache and doesn’t wick sweat at all) and also eliminates the need for any bobby pins. It has held together through both washings and dryings without a pill or pulled thread. And it has yet to smell bad, even though my tiny head gets plenty sweaty during my runs.

My only complaints are that I wish the product came with care instructions as well as an info sheet on how to wear it. You can find the latter on their website, but it would be nice to have it on paper. Otherwise, I’m a fan and will continue to use the product!


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