Two for tea

9 Jan

Last month, there was a Living Social deal for high tea at a place in Hollywood, so I bought as quickly as I could. I’ve made no secret of my love of tea and other assorted fanciness. I have never actually been to high tea other than the one I threw myself back in 2010, so I was beyond excited to grab such a great price.

Chado has tea rooms/retail stores in several parts of LA, plus one in India.  The Hollywood location is walking distance from home, so we treated ourselves to their Celebration Tea service on Sunday afternoon.

We sat at a cozy table for two in the corner, which was preset with white linens and tea cups.

Hot dateThe meal started with a pot of tea each. We decided to share both and ended up with the Namring Upper SFTGFOP — a second flush Darjeeling — and Mate Carnival. We each also had an option of soup or salad. I chose the former, which was creamy tomato basil, and he had the mixed baby greens. The soup was really tasty, as was the bread that came with it. We both loved the tea selections as well. I slightly favored the delicate flavor of the Darjeeling.

Let's get startedThen the main part of the meal arrived.

PeekabooWow! The top tier was sandwiches: two each of salmon and chicken salad (for him), and two of egg salad and cucumber (for me). The sandwiches were standard but tasty. The next tier was two freshly baked scones with cream and apricot jam. The scones were incredible. I’m not normally a fan of the scone, since it’s a little drier and crumblier than I prefer my baked goods. These were more fluffy than dense, though, and had the perfectly subtle amount of sweetness. I slightly preferred the plain, but the blueberry was good, too. The final tier was dessert (because, clearly, scones are a healthy dinner). There were two little Madeline cookies, a tiny carrot cake, and an even tinier cheesecake. All were delicious, especially the carrot cake.

But wait. That wasn’t really dessert. I guess it was pre-dessert. The really real dessert was the Mauritius Tea Float.

photo 4(28)It’s exactly how it sounds: a scoop of vanilla ice cream floating in cooled black tea, plus a little cream, chocolate sauce and strawberry slices for good measure. It tasted light considering the ingredients, though I’m sure it was a calorie bomb. It was one well deserved, though.

The place was pretty noisy when we arrived, but the service was excellent, and those scones alone made the trip worthwhile. In fact, I can imagine going and just ordering a pot of tea and a scone or six to pass the afternoon. We will definitely go back to Chado!


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