Updated Thanksgiving menu

21 Nov

I decided to change up my menu a bit for tomorrow’s big meal, so here is what I’m planning to make:

Sourdough rolls

Sauteed Swiss chard (depending on how stressed I am tomorrow)

Cranberry sauce

Cornbread casserole

Garlic mashed potatoes

Roasted Brussels sprouts

Pecan pie

Oh, and my brother-in-law bought a pre-cooked turkey, which the boys will be in charge of entirely. The rest means I have prep work to do.

  • Tonight: Mix sourdough starter with other ingredients to let it rise overnight; bake the pie; roast the garlic; make cranberry sauce; make the cornbread casserole.
  • Tomorrow morning: Second rise of dough; boil, mash, and generally prepare the potatoes; roast the Brussels sprouts.
  • Just before serving: Bake the rolls; pan fry the sprouts; reheat the cornbread; saute the Swiss chard.

It’s actually less daunting to type it out that way. I could do a lot of stuff tomorrow instead of tonight, but I really don’t want to be stressed/bitchy on Thanksgiving.

And just so this post isn’t entirely self-serving, here are a few recent meals:

Another beet salad! This one was my favorite, though. I roasted the beets longer so they browned a little. I also steamed and then marinated a block of tempeh in a mixture of soy sauce, olive oil, liquid smoke, garlic, chili powder, pepper sauce, black pepper, and brown sugar — no measurements as I just dumped everything in a bowl. Then I sauteed some spring onions in olive oil and added the tempeh and beet greens. After a couple of minutes, it was nicely wilted/sauteed, and into a bowl with the beets it went. The salad was served atop salad greens and drizzled with a little lime juice/Dijon combo. So, so good!

Here you are beholding Spabettie’s Baby Portobello Strogranoff, served atop barley instead of quinoa. On the side is simple roasted cauliflower. I didn’t add wine to the recipe (just because we didn’t have any — I used more broth instead) but wish I had. The recipe was still delicious, but I imagine it would have been even better with a little cab sauv in the background.

And finally, more of the Butternut Squash Mac n’ Cheeze. I added broccoli and mushrooms this time, plus more garlic, and I liked it quite a bit. We were out of Dijon (see salad above), and I missed the flavor, so don’t skip it either! The swirly twirly pasta was fun, too. I rarely buy anything but spaghetti or occasionally penne, but I really enjoyed the variety.

I hope everyone is preparing for a joyful holiday. Enjoy the food, but join me in trying (so, so hard) to embrace the truly happy meaning behind Thanksgiving. Lots of love from my kitchen to yours!


One Response to “Updated Thanksgiving menu”

  1. Tammy November 21, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

    Happy day back at you! portabello stroganoff is a great idea.

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