Food all ova

5 Oct

What follows is random.

I finally went to the grocery store last night if for no other reason than to avoid eating white beans AGAIN. (But I’m having them for dinner tonight, so the joke’s on me.) I just did a quick shop through Trader Joe’s and whipped up another variation on Mexican Lasagna:

This time I layered tortillas, refried black beans, soyrizo (more on it soon), fresh hot peppers, and salsa. If I hadn’t been so tired, there would have been mushrooms and bell pepper, too.

Then I had a mug of tea:

Today for lunch, my boss brought in an all-vegetarian, semi-vegan lunch. Here are the dairy-free goods. Salad:

And vegan shepherd’s pie:

It was delicious! If I can get the recipe from her, I will share.

The end.


One Response to “Food all ova”

  1. courtneybentley October 7, 2012 at 12:01 am #

    Must get that vegan Shepard pie recipe. They look magnificent and perfect on the consistency! Have you tried daiya cheese? Its seriously the best! Love and shine CourtStar

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