Workout schedule

3 Oct

I have no food to share today unfortunately. I had a rough day yesterday, and by the time I got home, there was no way I could get my exhausted, weepy self into the kitchen to cook. So we did what we always do: picked up Mendocino. It was delicious — in fact, it was the best vegan banh mi I’ve ever had — but I didn’t photograph it.

Instead, I wanted to talk exercise today.

I’ve been really, supremely bad about sticking to my schedule I post each week, so I decided to give myself a kick by trying out a 10K training plan from RunKeeper. Yesterday was the first workout — an easy two-miler. I took it really slow and only averaged a 12:31 pace, but I am proud to say I ran the whole two miles without stopping to walk. I am rarely able to do that without the pressure of a group, so I was happy with myself. My thighs are certainly feeling the workout out today, too! I need to do a better job of stretching after my runs. Here’s what the rest of October looks like:

I’m excited to see how it goes! So, with that in mind, here’s my workout schedule for this week:

Monday — Strength (done!)
Tuesday — 2 mile run (done!)
Wednesday — Yoga (done!)
Thursday — 3-mile run and strength
Friday — Rest
Saturday — 2-mile run
Sunday — The training plan calls for a 4-mile run, but I have a 5k that day for work, so we shall see how I’ll work that out.

What’s on your schedule for the week?


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