Lunchbox dinner

28 Sep

I’ve been eating recalled peanut butter all week. When they expanded the warning to include the TJ’s variety I’ve been enjoying, I quickly set it aside so I wouldn’t accidentally consume it. Of course, I forgot that I had already made kale salad — the one I shared on WIAW — with a sauce featuring you know what. Oops.

Anyway, I originally made the salad last week to go with dinner:

So good. It is based on this recipe, and I made the following tweaks:

  • Halved it
  • Nixed the raw onion since Mr. X isn’t a fan
  • Used crunchy (recalled, potentially salmonella-laden) peanut butter instead of creamy + peanuts
  • Subbed fresh ginger for the combo of fresh and pickled
  • Added fresh hot pepper, red bell pepper, and portobello mushrooms

I really enjoyed this salad — clearly, since I made it again for lunches (using the same alterations above, except used onion, nixed bell pepper, and subbed shiitakes for the ‘bellos). At dinner, we also had something called BBQ Hasselback Tofu:

It was delicious and ridiculously simple! You saw the leftovers on my weird sandwich, too. My big manly man devoured the meal, and though it seems small and basic, I was *stuffed* afterward.


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