Quiet kitchen

31 Aug

It’s been quiet on my end recently because I’ve been really busy, but also because my meals have not been interesting. My sexy Latin man has been on set all week, and they’ve been feeding him plenty, so the kitchen hasn’t really been touched since Monday, when I made a big batch of Spicy Veggie Tortilla Soup. That lasted several dinners and was tasty but nothing you haven’t seen before. The only exciting thing from that meal was the new friend I made:

Sweet little ladybug that had made a home in the organic kale and can, apparently, handle the cold fridge quite well. I set her/him free immediately following the photo op.

I was hoping to share a really great veggie-loaded pasta dish this week, but sadly, it just isn’t that good. Sure, it looks fine:

And all the ingredients — caramelized onions, roasted squash and garlic, whole wheat fusilli, red wine, and fresh basil — are stellar, but it just didn’t come together that well. I mean, I’m eating it (and eating it and eating it — the batch was HUGE), but there’s no sense in sharing a recipe that isn’t delicious.

Even the improved sourdough I made isn’t that exciting:

Sure, the flavor from the starter was even richer, and the addition of a little yeast improved the texture, but it was still denser than it should have been. I will power forth, however, and keep trying until I conquer it.

So that’s why my kitchen, and therefore the blog, have been a little quiet this week. How about you lovely readers? How have your culinary adventures been this week?


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