Recent comestibles

10 Jul

Hello! I am fresh off a 10-day vacation and still working to settle back into normal life. I don’t have anything truly exciting to report at the moment, so instead I’ll share some recent eats.

We recently completed our (preliminary, I’m sure) tour of vegan brunch options with Real Food Daily (the Pasadena location), suggested by Hungry Hungry Hippie. I got the Ava B ‘n’ Cheez Scramble:

And my other half got the tacos that were on special:

Both dishes were good, though it isn’t my favorite of all the places we tried. Our bill was shockingly high. I would still eat there again, though I won’t be rushing.

Another night, I had a light ‘n local dinner:

It featured cherries, strawberries, and spicy guacamole from the farmers market, as well as chips that I made from corn tortillas that were in the fridge. It was joined by a cup of fresh mint (also from the market) tea. Delicious!

The tofu obsession I mentioned before has been hanging on strong. This lazy tofu scramble was completed by local plums and more fresh mint tea:

For the tea, all I do is pour boiling water over six or so mint leaves and let them steep. I like to lightly bruise the leaves first with my thumbnails to draw out the flavor, but it couldn’t be simpler.

On the last night of vacation, we enjoyed some leftover portobello chili on top of baked potatoes:

Then we doctored them up. His (with sharp Cheddar, salt, and pepper):

And hers (nooch, pepper sauce, and black pepper):

Perfectly filling and delicious.

In related news, I’m now on a new vitamin regimen prescribed by my doctor to combat my migraines. I love having a doctor who doesn’t jump straight to “medications” and instead experiments with vitamins. Here’s the daily swallow:

In addition to my once-daily multi (the brown-ish one), I am now taking 400 mg of magnesium (the two big white ones) and 400 mg of riboflavin (the four little yellow ones). It takes two gulps, but it’s natural and has no side effects — well, other than neon yellow urine (TMI, and thank you, riboflavin!). So far, mostly good, though I know it takes three months to judge whether or not a medication of any kind is working.

So that’s my edible update for today. How have you been?


2 Responses to “Recent comestibles”

  1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet July 10, 2012 at 6:48 pm #

    i’ve yet to be impressed by a meal at RFD. thanks for the honest review!

    • Brigid July 11, 2012 at 10:47 am #

      I’m glad I’m not the only one!

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