Vegan on the go

15 Mar

I promise to write more about the wine country honeymoon soon, but I’m pressed for time at the moment and wanted to get a post up so as not to abandon you!

Anyway, we got home late on Monday and, therefore, did not do a big grocery shop this week. Poor little me was forced to grab my lunch on Tuesday. The winner: Whole Foods in Santa Monica. Holy freakin’ crap is that place HUGE. I’ve never seen such a thing! I wish I had known in advance that it would be a photo-worthy event. I opted for the “hot bar” ala the hungriest of hippies, though I realized after that everyone I got was actually cold. Behold:

That’s about a pound and a half of vegan deliciousness. At the bottom is a kale salad and a Swiss chard salad, a little macaroni salad, then lemon pasta, artichoke hearts, marinated mushrooms on black quinoa, tempeh salad, and grilled summer squash and asparagus. Overall I liked my lunch, but I definitely went overboard on all the flavors, which frankly didn’t combine well. I will be wiser next time, and possibly will just opt for the vegan pepperoni pizza and a salad. I can’t wait to come back, though!

I was exhausted that night, so dinner was more takeout, this time from my vegan love Doomie’s Home Cookin’. I rolled with the Country Fried Steak, which came with mashed potatoes, a roll, and an unpictured side salad:

It was really, really good! The texture of the “steak” was very chewy but also incredibly reminiscent of the Village Inn variety I used to consume on a regular basis (God help me). The vegan ranch dressing for my salad was creamy and loaded with dill, which I loved. I ate half the steak and potatoes and saved the rest for Wednesday’s lunch.

Mr. X ordered the Southern Fried Chicken, which also included a roll, mashed potatoes, corn, and unpictured beef curry soup:

The “drumstick” was decent, but the faux white meat was delicious! The curry soup was also quite good, though it was a strange choice to accompany our Southern meal. That’s the man I married, though.

The best news about this meal is that it was seitan/vital wheat gluten-heavy and I didn’t get a stomach ache! Typically I feel ill within a few hours of consuming the stuff, but not this time. Hurray! That means some more fun experiments will be coming to my kitchen soon.

Have you had any odd or interesting restaurants lately? What is the one omnivorous food you miss (or would miss most) as a vegetarian/vegan? My mister made a request for vegan ribs, so I intend to tackle this recipe very soon.


2 Responses to “Vegan on the go”

  1. Cadry's Kitchen March 15, 2012 at 11:58 am #

    I’m so bummed that I lived in LA for as long as I did and somehow never made it out to Doomie’s. Next time I visit, I have to hit that place up. You and your boyfriend will love those ribs. They were featured in Vegan Diner, and I’ve made them a couple of times. They’re wonderful.

    • Brigid March 19, 2012 at 1:34 pm #

      I love Doomie’s! The mister isn’t quite as enamored, but I’m over six years removed from meat eating, so he has something more recent to compare everything to. That said, clearly he still enjoys it. I am making the ribs on Wednesday — I can’t wait! We’re pairing them with mashed potatoes and green beans (healthified, of course).

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