13 Feb

I started to write a post about some recent eats, including today’s burger and some freebies during a training last week.

I thought about writing a post detailing the food I’m thinking of making for my upcoming reception/house-warming party.

I was even mulling a post about weddings and body image.

But then I saw the most horrifyingly disgusting thing ever to wander into my office and had the following exchange:

I apologize for the language, but can you blame me? The thing was three inches long, had scary wings, and I swear I saw him smoking a tiny cigar and twirling his mustache. Ew ew ew!

I’ll send some food action your way tomorrow, but today — today I can’t think about putting anything in my mouth. So how’s about I ask a question instead.

When you find an unwelcome disgusting vermin visitor in your home, what do you do? Kill it, release it outside, or pretend it isn’t there? I generally catch-and-release or put my fingers in my ears and go LA LA LA. However, I won’t lie: I hope this cockroach bites it. I just don’t want to be the person doing the slaughtering.


One Response to “Ack!”

  1. southernpurplevegan February 13, 2012 at 10:35 pm #

    Oh my goodness , I found cockroach when I was walking to my kitchen last week. It too was huge and had wings ; I ended up kinda running the other direction from it. I had cockroaches too, I usually I try to catch and release them but I killed it.

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