Super Bowl Snacks

1 Feb

2012 will be my second year watching the Super Bowl ever. My first was last year. Mr. X and I were fresh into our relationship, and the idea of being away from him for 10 minutes at a time was heartbreaking, so I did my best to get interested. Over the past year — after asking a lot of pretty stupid questions — I have come to understand the game play a whole lot better than I ever did as a high-school cheerleader. Sometimes I make astute observations, and I’m always instrumental in changing the sexist/homophobic slurs used against the teams and players into something sillier and more appropriate.

We haven’t yet decided what to do for the game — shall we stay home and watch a pirated stream, go to a sports bar, invade a friend’s house . . . ? Unless we’re at a sports bar, I plan to whip up some goodies. Here’s a few ideas from the blogosphere that whet my appetite (and anything I don’t use might be recycled for my locals-only wedding reception/open house):

Peas and Thank You’s Black Bean and Roasted Corn Nacho Bites with Avocado Crema. These look incredible! All I need is a mini muffin tin.

Spabettie’s Quick Buffalo Dip looks perfect for a sports-themed party.

I am terribly intrigued by this Spicy Nori Popcorn Seasoning from Herbivoracious. We’re some popcorn-eating fiends over here.

And of course, something patriotic:

Lemon Berry Cake from Fragrant Vanilla Cake. So pretty, so fresh, so vegan, and so appropriate since it’s the red-white-and-blue Patriots taking on the red-white-and-blue Giants. As for my house, we worship the Giants. Amen.

What’s on your menu?


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