Goals revisited and renewed

31 Jan

Today is the end of January, so I wanted to take a moment to explore the six goals I set out for myself.

1. a. Cook dinner at home three days a week every week in January. I can claim success on this one! Both my wallet and my waistline thank me, though I need to keep pushing myself even harder.

1. b. Make something just for me. I am counting this week’s muffins as part of this goal, though I really do want to start crafting again. I need to get my stuff all set up.

2. a. Go to the Clippers/Thunder game on January 30. We went last night!

It was a really fun game, and as things in LA go, it was a pretty inexpensive date night that we’ll be doing again.

2. b. Register for a triathlon. I failed at this one, but I’m giving myself a pass. As much as I wanted to be in shape for a March 10 triathlon, I just wouldn’t be. So I’m setting my sights on finding another one. I really do want to tackle a tri in 2012!

3. a. Contact an animal charity about becoming a volunteer. I sent out inquiries over the weekend and am waiting to hear back.

3. b. Call a friend just to chat. I called a friend not once but twice just to chat! And you know what? I loved it. I need to keep remembering how nice it is to reconnect with people I love.

Now it’s time to plan for February! It’s going to be a busy month (hello wedding!), but here are my six goals:

1. a. Bring lunch from home four days a week every week in February.

1. b. Craft something — anything!

2. a. Use my 7-day YMCA pass and then join, if we want.

2. b. Check out a new-to-me music venue.

3. a. Volunteer for a day somewhere.

3. b. Call two friends just to chat.


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