Sunday Sunday

16 Jan

I’m more than a little in love with Sundays. I have quickly fallen in love with the Hollywood Farmers Market, so that fine day, I started over there around 9 a.m., when it opens. On the way, I made a stop to check out the YMCA. A nice employee named Bernard gave me a tour, and oh my goodness, it’s gorgeous! And huge! They have so many cool classes — tons of cycling, ballet, yoga, jazz/modern, capoeira, and even adult MMA. Plus, it’s about three blocks from home, so we can hit up early morning, evening, and weekend classes easily. I am excited to get signed up!

I then made my way to the market. The sky was overcast, so I’ll save a photo tour for a sunnier day. I did, however, see this dude:

Monster violinist, natch.

Here’s this week’s haul (minus a head of lettuce that I somehow forgot to photograph):

  • A dozen cruelty-free eggs — $4.50
  • 3.5 lbs (most not pictured) blood oranges — $6
  • A pint of cremini mushrooms — $5
  • One pomegranate — $1
  • Loaf of bread — $4.50
  • Unpictured lettuce — $1.50
  • TOTAL: $22.50

These blood oranges are insane. I think they ¬†changed Mr. X’s life. The mushrooms are destined to become toppings for the pizzas I mentioned planning to make this week.

Here are my goals for the rest of my Monday off:

  • Pick out classes to try out at the Y this week
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Research how to stain our dresser
  • Get started on laundry

What’s your favorite food discovery lately? I was overjoyed to find these juicy, tart/sweet blood oranges right before Christmas. I used to eat them like crazy in Italy but never found any that approximated their deliciousness in Oklahoma. These locally grown beauties have been a welcome find.


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