Going with the flow

10 Jan

The cooking plan I posted about yesterday hasn’t 100% gone without a hitch. Things like this honestly tend to bother me. I’m a planner and a perfectionist, so it annoys me when what I anticipate isn’t a reality. Another problem I tend to have is over-scheduling — expecting too much from myself — which only leads to failure, and, in turn, feeds a cycle of disappointment in myself. I’ve recently started trying to set realistic goals and expectations of myself and to try to cut myself some slack. So here’s how the meal-prep schedule has gone in reality:

Sunday: day — make quinoa soup in the slow cooker; night — soak pinto beans (for taco salad)
Monday: day — X makes pinto beans on the stove; night — soak black beans soak pinto beans because the first batch didn’t make enough
Tuesday: day — make black beans in the slow cooker and soak chickpeas cook pinto beans on the stove and forget to soak black beans and chickpeas so send X a frantic text to soak them before he leaves for the set; night — cook chickpeas and black beans on the stove
Wednesday: day — make chili (containing chickpeas and black beans) in the slow cooker; night — cook zucchini and make cilantro spread (for wraps)

Though I didn’t follow my own instructions to a T, laying out a plan did help me greatly in getting things together, so that’s a plus. I still intend to keep writing out the basic plan to keep myself on track each week.

On Sunday, I also had a goal of making a weekly cleaning schedule. I gave it some thought, but I never committed anything to paper. I still intend to complete the plan; however, it’s not something I need to do right now, so I’m going with the flow and trying to cut myself some slack.

I did make some good progress on my other goals, however. I:

  • Did yoga again — that’s twice in a week!
  • Made a (diabetic-friendly) meal plan and cooked a big pot of soup for my lunches and dinner Monday night. I should be able to eat homemade stuff every day this work week, though we may grab dinner out on Friday night anyway.
  • Scrubbed the stove and started thinking about a cleaning schedule.
  • Started taking steps to let go of a few things that tend to bring me down.

Pretty good progress so far! In the interest of staying on track, I’m going to tackle another thing I’ve been putting off this week:

9. Clear my name at the library. Time to square up. I want to start reading more again, and I can’t until I come clean.

I’ll be back later to share an easy, delicious taco salad “recipe.” I hope everyone’s having a great start to the week!


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