Plannin’ and linkin’

7 Jan


In an effort to make 2012 a ballin’ year, I’m taking the goals I outlined (plus a few others, too) seriously and getting to work on progress. One step that tackles several goals at once is my old friend, meal planning. I wrote a whole post about my method a year and one day ago — ha! What a coincidence. I’m so far out of my normal routine, however, that I decided to get it going the old-fashioned way: with pen and paper.

At the top, I wrote some ideas and then had my mister pick two dinners he’d like to have. I then started to plan out when we would eat what at the bottom. I wrote a grocery list on the next page to make it easier. Basic but easy. I’ll give more details on any successful recipes this week.

I am excited that meal planning addresses more than one of my goals: reducing my dairy (everything I cook this week will be vegan), prioritizing diabetic-friendly meals, making progress on my financial goals (cooking at home is obviously cheaper than eating out all the time), and cooking dinner at home at least three days a week. Hurray for productivity!


I wanted to share a couple of links I loved today:


25 clever ideas to make life easier. (Thanks to Sasha of the amazing Global Table Adventure for the link on Facebook!) I’m all about the walnut, the baby powder, the magnet, the cupcakes in a cone (having first read about them in Eat, Drink and Be Vegan), and the cookie bowls.

Speaking of Global Table, did you hear Sasha on Rick Steves this week? Go listen right now! Sasha’s an amazing cook and blogger and also a great person (and fellow Tulsan).

In some happy news, the Fitnessista is having her baby! Possibly right now. Wow!

I am planning to re-line the drawers in my kitchen because they’re, well, grody. I hit up my friend Google and found this design*sponge tutorial from the Wayback Machine. Easy, cheap, and adorable? Heck yeah!

I was looking for a vegan hot and sour soup recipe that wasn’t full of crazy stuff, and I stumbled onto Kathy’s Slow-Cooker recipe on the FatFree Vegan Kitchen. How amazing does that look?!

Alright, friends. I’m off to do tackle my some more goals (cooking dinner and doing yoga — did I mention I’m sick? From whence comes this energy?). I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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