3 Jan

Well, it’s the beginning of the New Year, and the blogosphere — plus, you know, the real world — is exploding with resolutions for making life better, healthier, and shinier in 2012. I may have mentioned once or twice (see here and here on my old crafting blogs, for just two examples) that New Year’s resolutions aren’t really my thing because of how easy it is to fail and, therefore, lose resolve. However, I’m all about goals, as a totally Type A go-getter. I ruminated and set three main areas of focus for my life in 2012:

1. Make more stuff. I am at my most me when I’m being creative, whether it’s in the kitchen, on the couch with a lap full of yarn, bent over a notebook or computer, or on the stage. I lost a lot of my creative mojo this year due to a variety of circumstances, and I’m ready to kick it back into gear.

2. Do more things. I’m an extrovert but still mostly a homebody. It’s especially easy to fall into a never-leave-the-house routine here in LA, where everything’s so expensive, darkness falls earlier, and my commute is so much longer. However, I’m in one of the most exciting cities in the world, and there’s just no reason not to make time for concerts and plays and beaches and even sporting events. “Do more things” also includes challenging myself to try something new and step out of my comfort zone.

3. Help more people. I’m an idealist in a lot of ways, and that is reflected strongly in my career choice as a nonprofit professional. I get satisfaction from knowing that the work I do — even on days when I’m cranky or frustrated — makes a difference. However, I can always do more. I don’t have the disposable income to make big donations, but I can volunteer a few hours here and there. I can also be there more for the people already in my life. I’m not always the best friend, but I want that to change.

My 2012 goal-setting happened to coincide with something I just discovered on the Vegan Epicurean‘s blog: 31 Days to Better Health. Throughout the month of January, Alicia is challenging her readers to improve themselves mind, body, and soul through exercises and food for thought. Here’s today’s challenge: “Today we are going to focus on very specific goals for this month. For those of you who are not familiar with setting goals they need to be specific and measurable (so you know if you attained them or not), achievable (example no one will lose 30 pounds in a month so don’t set yourself up to fail), and they should be something that you really want.” I am following her prompt with January-sized goals of my top three overarching ones above:

1. a. Cook dinner at home three days a week every week in January. It’s better for my health, my bank account, and my creative spirit.

1. b. Make something just for me. It can be a cake or a bracelet, but it has to be homemade and just for me.

2. a. Go to the Clippers/Thunder game on January 30. Our seats will probably be in Orange County, but we’re excited to go. I’ve only ever been to one professional sporting event before.

2. b. Register for a triathlon. I have it picked out (and I even mentioned it before), but if I don’t register, I can’t do it! I’m scared and excited.

3. a. Contact an animal charity about becoming a volunteer. It can be a regular gig or a one-time thing; I just have to stop putting it off.

3. b. Call a friend just to chat. A couple of my favorite people in the world are going through rough spots. One is facing an illness and the other is recovering from a devastating loss. Tweets and texts only offer so much support and encouragement. This month, I will pick up the phone.

I would love to know what you are planning to do to set the tone for 2012. If you feel like sharing, leave me a comment!


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