3 Jan

Hey friends, and Happy 2012! I have emerged from a long holiday break (bless our board for giving us a vacation from December 24 through yesterday!) refreshed, renewed, and ready to tackle the brand new year.

I promise none of that is sarcasm. I know I’ve not exactly been Miss Suzy Sunshinepants lately, but I’m feeling more like me these days. And I’m grateful — damn grateful.

So what did I do with all that time off? Mr. X and I spent four nights in Laguna Beach with my mom, celebrating Christmas in the most un-Okie of fashions — namely, on the beach.

The weather was perfect. We woke up Christmas morning, opened presents, had breakfast, and then spent about four hours on the beach until the sun set, like this:

Effing seriously. Christmas Laguna-style: we have a winner.

After sunning and funning for a few days, we drove to Tulsa in one straight shot and, as a result, spent two days in our hometown as zombies. We played trivia one night, and I allowed this picture not only to be taken, but also to be posted on Facebook:

HOT. With a moving truck full of the rest of our belongings, we then headed back home — yes, home. It was nice to be back in Tulsa for a couple of days and to hug friends and family, but in only a very short period of time, our white-walled Hollywood apartment has become our true home. And now it’s our true home full of boxes begging to be unpacked and a sectional that is somehow missing a cushion. More on our casa to come soon.


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