I ran so far away . . . or 3 miles anyway

8 Dec

On Sunday, I ran my first 5K. I hadn’t trained properly, but I was still in much better shape for it than I would have been at any other point in my life. My official time was 47:40.1. I had hoped to finish in 40 minutes, but that was before I found out how insanely hilly the course was. Seriously, it was like one giant rollercoaster track. Except that it was actually on the Universal Studios backlot. So while I was trying to go up the hills rather than roll back down them, I got to enjoy some really fun views. My favorite was that Whoville was just feet behind Bates Motel. Heck yes.

Above (on the right — well the middle; I’m not a dude) is proof that I was there — and that I should have worn sunglasses. This picture cracks me up. It’s super tiny, so if you would like to see all four that are basically just like this one — and frankly, why wouldn’t you? — then click the pic for more.

The best part of the run, besides all the fun sets, was the Girls on the Run group. As a big fan of Caitlin’s blog, I recognized them right away and was excited to run with (and often behind) them. Way to go, little ladies!

Wanna know the funny part? Before I ran this event, I already signed up for another one. I plan to break 40 minutes this time.

And now do you wanna know the supa-dupa crazy part? In March, I’m planning to do a mini-triathlon — this one, to be exact! I start my training on Sunday, because I’m cUhRaZeE!


One Response to “I ran so far away . . . or 3 miles anyway”

  1. vegansmarties December 12, 2011 at 8:40 am #

    Congrats! and woah – triathlon! hardcore 😮

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