Oh my sweet vegan eats

28 Sep

The theme of Monday’s workday eats was certainly both sweet and vegan. Let us see.

After all the excitement of this weekend, Monday came a little quicker than I usually like. I was way, way too lazy Sunday night to do any cooking, so lunch today came from the freezer.

Kashi’s Mayan Harvest Bake.

Pretty impressive nutrition facts (100% of your vitamin A!) and totally vegan, too. Let’s see what we can see:

Yep, “plaintains, black beans, sweet potato, kale, Kashi 7 Whole Grain Pilaf, amaranth, polenta, and spicy ancho sauce” all clearly present. It was surprisingly tasty and fresh, though I take issue with the word “spicy.” Fixed that with a Tapatio bath:

Much better. I really like both plantains and sweet potatoes, but together, they are a bit too sweet for my usual midday cravings. A little hot sauce evened it out. My pants got into the Kashi action, too:


The afternoon brought a scarier-than-usual network outage while I was plugging away on an important work project, so I consoled myself with treats. I dove into a Dr. Pepper and a bag of kettle corn left over from Sunday’s company picnic:

I was really surprised that there is no butter or whey in these little guys. There is added sugar (5 grams), but otherwise, these are surprisingly healthy.

While I love popcorn, I don’t tend to like the sugariness of kettle corn, and these guys certainly had a dose of it. However, I found the tangy barbecue flavor to be a fun break from the original. I probably wouldn’t buy these on my own, but I would eat them again. And of course, the DP was delicious and yes, it filled me with HFCS regret. I was car-less, though, and needed a caffeine boost. Excuses, excuses.

Speaking of vegan eats, I’m excited to be participating in Vegan MoFo for the second year in a row! The fun starts this Saturday, October 1! I’ll post a list of goals like I did last year this week, so make sure to swing by. In the meantime, feel free to check out my 2010 posts here.


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