Shake ’em up

14 Sep

Well, once again, there have been some shakeups in the Vegging out household. There’s no denying that 2011’s theme has been change, but luckily, so far, it’s all been for the good. Change has been so vast here of last that I’ve said not a word, mostly because I’ve overwhelmed at where to start. Here I go trying! (And just to get this out of the way: no, I’m not pregnant.)

The first big secret: I’ve been applying for jobs in the Los Angeles area for months – a solid four, I think. I submitted tons of resumes and cover letters and applications and references. I even had two phone interviews that were promising but didn’t pan out. I spoke with my aunt, a recruiter, and she gave me some tips on how to make applying for jobs in another state easier and to make me a more appealing candidate despite the need to relocate. Have I ever told you how much I adore my aunt? She’s brilliant and amazing. Anyway, in mid-July, I submitted an application to a place that sounded perfect for me, and to my surprise, I was asked to do a phone interview days later. Within a week, the interview was complete, and the Executive Director wanted me to fly to LA for an in-person interview. Wow!

The second big secret: The last weekend of July, with the boy in tow, I boarded a flight to throw caution to the wind and try things out. While there, we toured some available apartments just to get a sense for what we could afford. We had done research ahead of time, so it wasn’t terribly surprising, though it’s still shocking when you consider what the same amount of money would rent in cheap-o Tulsa versus the West Coast. We did a few touristy things. I had my interview on Monday, and it felt good. We went back home the next day.

The third big secret: She called me Wednesday to offer me the position. It was my one day in the office at my last job that week, since we hopped in the car to drive to Chicago for Lollapalooza the next day. I officially accepted during a pit stop somewhere in Missouri on Thursday, with a negotiated start date of September 6 (last Tuesday). It seemed like plenty of time to prepare, but my, how quickly things move! (I’ll talk more about Lollapalooza in a separate post, for you music festival fans.) I put in my notice the following week, when I returned to the office. My last day was selected as Thursday, August 25. After discussing the apartments we’d seen, what we wanted to bring with us, costs, and time, we decided to rent a furnished room rather than deal with a rental truck and trying to find a place sight unseen. While this eased the stress somewhat, there was still a lot to do. For the record, I don’t recommend moving this many times in one year.

The fourth big secret: On August 29, we hopped in my car, loaded to the brim. We stayed that night at my favorite Best Western in Grants, New Mexico (an indication that I’ve made this drive way too many times), and the next evening, we arrived at my friend’s door. That night, we looked at four potential places. The next day, it was four more, the last of which we knew was the right choice. On September 1, we moved in. It’s only our temporary home, since we would really like to find a one-bedroom apartment probably around January 1. Still, it’s nice not to be mobile at the moment. After a few days of becoming acclimated, I started work. I’ve now been at it for a week.

So that’s the basic scoop. Obviously there’s a lot more to talk about – such as where I’m living, what I’ve been doing, and all that – but I’ll save it for another day. Until then, thanks for not abandoning me when it seemed as though I was abandoning you. I promise I didn’t! I’m excited to start posting again with more regularity.


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