A beastly return

25 Jun

The reasoning behind this name is two-fold. First, look who is back in my life full time:

SULLY! Sully Sully Sully! My little stinky furball! The world’s greatest pug zu!

Holy heck, does she need a haircut.

Anyway, the second reason is that the little monster and I made our first trip to the farmers market this year as a matching (or not) set. I’m still digging into the recesses of my closet (you don’t want to see that!) to find my camera, so I didn’t take any photos this time of the market itself, but expect them as soon as I get my crap together. Here’s our haul this time, though:

Clockwise from top left:

  • Fresh corn: $.50 each, or $2 for all four ears
  • Summer squashes: $3 for all four
  • Un-freaking-believable fresh Havarti from LOMAH Dairy: $9
  • A green bean/new potato bag: $5
  • Natchez blackberries: $4
  • TOTAL: $23

Yes, the Havarti was expensive, and no, I don’t plan to eat it, but one taste made me realize that the boy had to have it. It’s so, so, SO GOOD. Plus, the dairy doesn’t use antibiotics, lets the cows roam free, AND doesn’t sell off the retired milkers: they have their own pasture in which to roam and graze. How could I say no? They also sell pasteurized, non-homogenized milk by the gallon. I will have to see if the boy wants some of that next time.

My bag wasn’t as heavy as usual, but I was trying to be realistic. There are still things in the fridge we need to eat, so I didn’t want to go stopped myself from going crazy. Next week is another ball game, though. What were Sully’s thoughts on the whole experience?

She was a little tired. In fact, after three attempts to get in the car herself, I finally had to pick her up. Those fuzzy legs can only work so hard.

One final note: I want to send a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to another veg blogger in Tulsa, Ashley! Check her out if you haven’t yet.


One Response to “A beastly return”

  1. Shenandoah Vegan July 10, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    I’m qvelling over that dog! (I’d leave some comments but I have to fill in a bunch of stuff. Lots of red tape and hoops to jump through. Let me see if I can do it..).

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