A perfect morning

21 May

The day could not have started more divinely. But first let’s back up to yesterday.

It was rainy and thunderous here in Tulsa, with a lovely wall cloud above, always reassuring. My theatre partner in crime and I were meant to set up at the Blue Dome Arts Festival in support of the ShakeDown in T-Town Shakespeare Festival 2011 of which we are the planners. We decided not to brave the elements, however, so I had a free day. Instead of eating bonbons while watching Netflix streaming, I ran some errands and then cleaned — yes, me, cleaning — for about three hours . . . while watching Netflix streaming. The living room hasn’t looked so good since I moved in four months ago. As much as I despise tidying and sorting and all that jazz, I felt so accomplished when I was done that I’m considering doing more today. I’m a Pod Brigid.

Anyway, I actually got so wrapped up that I forgot to eat lunch. Crazy, isn’t it? By the time I realized the fact, it was nearly 4:00, so instead of choking down whatever random thing might be lurking in the fridge, I decided to wait until the boy got home from doing big-strong-man-ual labor. We had a bit of a rushed dinner, due to his evening rehearsal, but it was still nice. Then I dropped him off at said rehearsal and went shopping with my wonderful mother until it was time to retrieve him again. We ended the evening with Laura and this:

Delicious. Highly recommended. It has a full, smooth body, a delightful dryness, and none of the “grapiness” of lesser pinots.

I slept like a very happy baby last night, feeling content, accomplished and loved. When my alarm went off at 7:00, I was full of the same beautiful energy with which I had ended the night, so I decided to walk to the Cherry Street Farmers Market — about 3/4 of a mile away — instead of driving today. The weather app on my phone said it was 66° F, and the sky was cloudy but not rainy, so I threw on yesterday’s clothes (classy), set my Pandora app to Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Follow You into the Dark” (my theme for the rapture) playlist, and headed out. When I reached the east end of the market, I started with my usual small coffee from the Coffee House on Cherry Street (not pictured) and then made my way down and then back up. Here’s my haul:

Clockwise from top left:

  • Spinach: $3
  • Mung bean sprouts picked this morning: $4
  • Blue new potatoes: $5
  • Yellow squash: $3
  • Radishes: $2
  • Cilantro: $1
  • TOTAL: $18 (including the coffee, it came to an even $20)
I can’t wait to share recipes for where these delicious items are going!
On my way back, I saw a big, yellow sign that can only mean one thing in this town: a sale run by Estate Sales Plus. On a whim, I turned right and followed the road for a few blocks. It was truly breathtaking. The sky was starting to break a little, with a bit of blue and sun peeking through. The old neighborhood is lined with huge old trees — oaks, maples, elms. It was beautifully quiet. I got to admire the lovely old homes, with their brick facades, perfectly sized yards, gardens, wooden fences that rose to my waist, and all the charm midtown Tulsa has to offer. I wish my phone hadn’t been nearly dead or I would have been taking photos left and right. Ultimately, I decided I was too content looking at the neighborhood to go into the estate sale.

As I continued my walk, I saw a yard sale sign and couldn’t resist. It was in the Gillette Historic District, a neighborhood established by the oil boom in the 1920s. Some photos are here. If I hadn’t been on foot, I would have grabbed an excellent bookshelf for $20. Instead, I picked up the prop pictured with my market haul — a picnic basket for $1! One buck! Woo hoo! Check it out:

It’s in great condition, as you can see. (The dirt inside is from the new potatoes. Should be easy to clean.)
And the timing couldn’t be more perfect — I’m taking a picnic dinner to see my beloved’s play next weekend. How lovely. Now I must brainstorm with what delights to fill it.

I then made the short trip home. In total, I walked 2.5 miles and burned 160 calories in almost exactly an hour. It’s still overcast outside, but it’s going to be a beautiful day. I hope the same is true wherever you are!

For those with Netflix streaming, what is your favorite ridiculous thing to watch? I admit that I just finished Greek — yes, all of it — and am now on the third season of the British show Coupling. And do you ever stroll through other neighborhoods? I love to look at other people’s homes and dream about the day I buy my own.

2 Responses to “A perfect morning”

  1. Andrea May 21, 2011 at 9:43 am #

    Flight of the Conchords and Spaced should be on streaming because those are too damn funny. Alas, they are not and you asked for streaming.

    The movie ‘Four Lions’ was a really good dark comedy. Don’t tell anybody but ‘Problem Child’ is a guilty pleasure for me–and it’s much funnier after 2 glasses of wine!

  2. Holly Embry May 21, 2011 at 11:40 am #

    I helped set up that estate sale! Did you go out back and see all the amazing garden stuff?

    As for the farmers market, I feel like such a slacker. I was so excited for spring to arrive so I could stock up on local deliciousness, and now that it’s here I have yet to go. What a loser!

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