Meatless Monday and Sunday Night Scramble: Tacos

28 Nov

Once again, I’m presenting a two-fer tonight.

Vegan MoFo has been fun, but it’s actually made me eat a little worse in an attempt to present interesting eats this month. In an effort to clean things up a bit, I’m going to do a week of eating based on Dr. Joel Fuhrman‘s Eat to Live starting tomorrow. So tonight, I wanted to finish off some not-so-healthy leftovers. The contenders: incredibly greasy (and delicious) fajita vegetables, half a can of black bean chili, and flour tortillas. The solution:

Fajitas! Wait, no, Quick and Easy Vegan Tacos! I mixed the rest of the salsa and some Chipotle Tabasco into them, too.

These could easily be made healthy by using a whole-wheat tortilla (Whole Foods makes my favorite kind), plain black or other beans, and veggies you saute yourself in a small amount of olive oil or vegetable broth. Defrosted frozen vegetables work well, too. There are also lots of fat-free refried beans on the market that are vegetarian, though the sodium count can be high. You can mimic them by lightly blending a can of beans and adding your favorite spices, such as cumin and cayenne. Guacamole would be a tasty addition, and I would have thrown in some nutritional yeast if I’d been thinking straight.

I hope your weekend was fabulous!


2 Responses to “Meatless Monday and Sunday Night Scramble: Tacos”

  1. Heather November 28, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

    That looks crazy yummy! SURELY that’s not too bad for you, right? Sigh…all it needs is some cheese….er, oops?

    I wanted to tell you that I am so pumped to go grocery shopping tomorrow for good healthy foods! Thanksgiving is always nice, but I feel the need to detox.

    I was curious if some time you’d share maybe the 4 or 5 ‘must have’ core food items you always have in stock…or what are the bases of many of your good healthy meals. I think my biggest problem tends to be not knowing where to start. Any advice would be awesome!

    • Brigid November 28, 2010 at 9:53 pm #

      That’s a great idea for a post, Heather! I will certainly do so. The tacos would be fine if it weren’t for the extreme greasiness of the veggies. Really, I think the restaurant used a cup of oil per mushroom to fry it all up. 🙂

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