Vegan MoFo Contest Announcement for Week #4

22 Nov

Alright, friends, it’s time for my final contest announcement, and I hope a lot of you will participate. It’s going to be fun!

This week, I’m challenging you to create a vegan version of one of your favorite dishes. The announcement is just in time for American Thanksgiving, so if you’re already going to veganize stuffing or mashed potatoes or another favorite, send me the details for a chance to win! You choose the dish. Feel free to share something you’ve made before or something totally new to you.

Here are the rules:

1. To enter, email me photos of your entry plus a recipe by 11:59 p.m. Central Time on Sunday, November 28. Feel free to include pictures of the process as well as the final version. One photo of your finished product is OK, too. If you have a blog of your own, feel free to do a post about your submission instead of sending me the details. Just make sure to email me a link instead. Also, let me know if you have any food allergies in case you’re the winner so I don’t send you a package of things that’ll kill you. Important: If you do not receive a confirmation email from me within 24 hours, please leave a comment on my blog!

2. All submissions should be vegan versions of something you’ve eaten and enjoyed with meat and/or dairy. If you’re a lifelong vegan or vegetarian, it’s fine to share a dish that is usually made with meat and/or dairy. Stumped on what to make? Pick a regional favorite, a family recipe, or something you just haven’t eaten since giving up animal products. The sky’s the limit!

I hope this goes without saying, but again, 3. All entries must be vegan.

4. If your recipe was not made up by you, please cite your source. No one will lose points for using a preexisting recipe, but please just let me know where you found it.

One winner will receive a surprise package from me. To sweeten the pot, on this final contest, the winner can expect a double-sized package. For reference, past winners have received a few baked goods, some Justin’s Nut Butter, and tea bags. Precise goodies have yet to be determined, but I promise you’ll be happy! Winners will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Creativity of the submission
  • Presentation
  • Effort

Do you plan to participate? Let me know in the comments! You can also pop over to the Vegging out in T-Town Facebook page to let me know. Please, please help spread the word! The more submissions, the more great ideas we’ll all have to share.

Thanks for reading, and happy cooking!


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