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Vegan MoFo recap for week #2

14 Nov

Let’s see how I did on my original Vegan MoFo post, full of promises for the month:

1. 30 days of vegan blogging. Once again, I made good. I’m actually really enjoying the extra posting, too.

Let’s look at the features:

  • Baked goods every Friday. I shared both the Blueberry Spice Crumb Bars (which tasted tons better the next day) and my amazing pumpkin cookies.
  • A cookbook of the week. We tried several recipes from 1,000 Vegan Recipes.

2. Updated pages on the blog. I updated the pages again. Man, that is a chore you don’t want to get behind on.

3. Weekly contests. The second announcement is here, and it closes in just a couple of hours. Hurry and enter! The first winner was announced here.

We still have two more weeks, folks, so keep yourself tuned here for more vegan fun.


Meatless Monday Meal Idea: Sandwiches

14 Nov

This may seem like an obvious choice, but I find that a lot of meat eaters have no idea what would go into a vegetarian sandwich. My usual response — “Um, anything but meat” — isn’t particularly helpful, so I thought I would post something a little more useful.

The most important thing about building a cruelty-free sandwich is choosing something adequately filling. There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Replace the meat with another protein/calorie source.
  2. Eat a really big sandwich.

I promise #2 is not a joke, but I’ll start with #1. The mistake a lot of new vegetarians and vegans make is just pulling the meat and/or cheese from between the sandwich bread and calling it good. That doesn’t cut it for a real appetite. Yes, a lettuce sandwich would be slimming, but it would also be sating for about two seconds. And nasty, let’s not forget about nasty. Here are my suggestions for building a more filling sandwich:

  • Spread on a thick layer of hummus or another bean dip. This will add flavor and protein to the sandwich, as well as negate the need for other condiments.
  • Slather on some guacamole. See above reason, substituting “fat” for “protein”.
  • Add a slab of broiled or baked tofu or tempeh. Once again, they are good protein sources and they more closely mimic the taste and texture of meat, for those who miss that.
  • You really can’t go wrong with a classic PB&J. Or PB and banana. Or any nut butter with any fruit. And I occasionally top my peanut butter with grated carrots. Just make sure your nut butters are natural — sugar and hydrogenated oils are not worth it, friends.

As for #2, quantity is important. You can eat tons more veggies for the same number of calories as meat or its non-vegan cohorts. So why not load up? If you normally eat half a six-inch foot-long meaty/cheesy/mayo-y sub, simply remove the animal products and load up on veggies plus vinaigrette or mustard. I call these sandwiches salad on bread, but is that really such a bad thing? Just make sure your bread (or wrap or whatever) is natural and contains plenty of fiber. For a really fun spin, try roasted or grilled veggies. They are phenomenal on a sandwich. With all the calories and fat you’ll save going animal-product-free, I totally won’t judge you if you can’t say no to the Lay’s potato chips. They’re my weakness, too.

I urge you to try out a tasty, filling vegan sandwich the next time you need a quick, easy meal.

What is your favorite meatless sandwich combination?

Kicking off Sunday

14 Nov

Today is your last chance to enter my contest! Send me pictures or a link to your blog. Nobody has entered yet, so you’ll have a really good chance of winning. 🙂

Look what is soaking on my countertop:

Almonds. Any guesses as to what I might be making tonight (after The Amazing Race, of course)?

This morning, my taller half and I are headed to my heathen church to sing secular versions of religious songs. Then we’re going to have lunch at Lanna Thai, so expect a restaurant review very soon. Then we’re hitting the International Gift Fair at another heathen church in town to do a little more holiday shopping. And finally, I’m meeting the incredibly awesome Hollyrocks for a little bead shopping at Expo Square.

I’ll update with this week’s recap later on. Until then, happy eating, and try to keep warm!