All in a golden afternoon

13 Nov

Hey friends! I hope you’re planning to enter my second contest. I made gnocchi yesterday and can’t wait to share my experience on Monday. Make something new and then tell me about it!

Speaking of the contest, I got up bright and (not) early this morning to mail a package to the first winner, Ms. meansoybean. I’ll show what I sent at the bottom of this post behind a jump.

When I got back, my taller half and I decided to take a walk. It was a lovely day out, which was nice since it rained like crazy yesterday. After our hour of cardio, we were both ready for a delicious lunch. I love you, Cafe Samana.

We both started out with soups of the day. Mine was butternut ginger:

And his was lemon asparagus:

Both were amazing. For an entree, I once again got the roasted veggie sandwich with no cheese. I had the daily side — sweet potato wedges —  as well:

My love tried the special, a veggie chili dog with cheese and onions:

And again, lunch was perfect. After catching a movie (our AMC theater is showing Sixteen Candles), we came home and I devoured a pumpkin cookie or three and half of one of the blueberry bars.

We are catching the symphony tonight, so I need to go get ready soon. I hope everyone else is having a lovely Saturday!

And as promised, here is what meansoybean received for winning my first contest. If that’s you, don’t look behind the jump at what I sent if you want to be surprised.Here’s the winner’s swag:

A BPA-free container holds a few of the pumpkin cookies I shared yesterday. There are also two Moroccan Mint Green tea bags, a sample of Justin’s peanut butter chocolate nut butter, a tube of awesome vegan chapstick, and a little note. The next prize package will be a little different, but come on, don’t you want to win now? 🙂


One Response to “All in a golden afternoon”

  1. taramason November 13, 2010 at 6:05 pm #

    Veggie chili dog looks yummy! I’ll have to try Cafe Samana, sometime.

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