Cookbook of the Week #2:

11 Nov

Hey readers! Who is finalizing their selections for my second contest? Kate mentioned making falafel, one of my favorites. I’m chomping at the bit to make my gnocchi.

My taller half is incredibly supportive. I mean this in pretty much every facet of our life together, but I have to give him special credit for his willingness to accommodate my mostly vegan dietary habits. It helps that he was mostly vegetarian long before we met, and as soon as we began dating, he eliminated fish from his diet. He is really the one who taught me about food and cooking. I could do some basic things before, but he is the reason I know the difference between chopping and dicing and mincing. He’s also the one who showed me how easy it is to make some things from scratch, such as salad dressings, and that chemicals really aren’t food.

Our eating habits have made long strides over the past four-and-a-half years, and a few contributions have come from me. I told him about animal rennet and sneaky ol’ gelatin, to name two. But mostly, either he has taught me or we have learned together. When I decided to move away from dairy, he was fully supportive, especially when he saw how improved my energy and migraines were. (Don’t let yesterday’s post convince you otherwise; my twice-weekly pain now hits me less than half as often, and my BFF Treximet keeps the pain from overtaking me, as long as I recognize my signals early enough.) The problem is that we were having trouble thinking of creative, tasty, quick dishes to make together. Enter our new purchase, Robin Robertson’s 1,000 Vegan Recipes. (Wouldn’t it be cool if my name was Brigid Brigerson?)

I chose the book as our Cookbook of the Week because we are diving head first into it. My taller half purchased it on Sunday, and by the end of the week, we will have made at least four recipes from it. Not too shabby, eh?

So far, my favorite feature is the inclusion of an “F” symbol, which indicates fast ideas. The book is also broken down into very easy-to-navigate sections, including salads, pastas, sandwiches, desserts, beverages, and breakfast foods. And did I mention there are 1,000 recipes? I mean, Veganomicon is considered a tome; what would we call this monster?

Expect to see some recipes from the book tomorrow. All I will say so far is that we weren’t disappointed.


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