Shish-Kabobs returns!

3 Nov

I’m excited that several of you have said they are participating in my first contest, a chocolate-free bake-off. If you are still on the fence about participating, let me say again that the contest is low-pressure and fun. If you don’t have a nice camera, that’s OK. If you’ve never baked anything vegan before, that’s awesome. The point is to try something new and see what happens. My goal is to bake the winning recipe, too, and when I do, I’ll blog about it.

And speaking of participants, my friend and contest baker Kate of Fat Ass to Fit Ass (love the name!) listed this little ol’ blog as one of her helpful links in a recent post. Thank you! If you’ve never seen her little corner of the web, check it out. Warning: naughty language and hilarity abound.

Another housekeeping note: the lovelies over at Diet, Dessert and Dogs are holding a Sweet or Savory cooking contest featuring my friend the sweet potato. You have all month to enter. Details are here. Please join me in entering!

Finally, take a moment to vote for the fabulous Kailey of SnackFace for the Sunglass Hut Full Time Fabulous fashion blogger position. She’ll rock it.

Now onto today’s rediscovery: Shish-Kabobs. You can read my review here. I tried to visit the home of the world’s best baba ghanoush two weeks ago only to find it closed and a sign on the door declaring new management and that it would reopen soon. After I washed the flood of tears from my feeble eyes and picked my small body off the blacktop, I was determined to find out what’s going on. Today, I got the chance.

I have to give the new management credit for a quick reopening and for turning off the television. As much as I loved the place before, I did not love trying to ignore the midday news while reading my book. She also spiffied it up:

Ooo, fresh paint and tablecloths.

My favorite waitress, Katie, was still there, and she handed me a freshly printed menu featuring all the same goodies. Phew. I placed my order for exactly what I always get (the vegetarian platter with baba ghanoush and an iced tea) and awaited. As always, my tea and baba arrived first.

Verdict: both were still delicious. I think the new manager has changed the tea slightly, but it is still black tea with a little something extra. The baba was exactly as I remembered it. Thank you, lord of eggplant puree. Then the rest of my food arrived:

Falafel, rice, sautéed veggies, dolmeh, and tahini sauce. The veggies were actually much better than in the past. They had more in the flavor, variety, and quantity departments. I like. The rice was also as delicious as before, though there was a dollop of butter on top (which you can see in the upper part of the plate) that I easily removed. The dolmeh were the same. Both the falafel and the tahini sauce were new recipes. The former was incredibly delicious. I loved the falafel there before, but this might actually be an improvement. It just had a more robust flavor profile: buttery chickpeas, the bite of parsley and garlic, a crunch exterior, and a fluffy interior. Perfection. The tahini was the only disappointment; the old version was better. This incarnation is fine, but it pretty much tastes just like plain tahini.

Overall, I’m incredibly relieved that Shish-Kabobs is still delicious, affordable, and close to work. I’m glad Katie is still serving food and drinks, and I’m grateful that it is still an excellent vegan and vegetarian option in the wasteland meat-centric area that is east Tulsa.

I’m off to update the restaurant review to reflect the changes.


One Response to “Shish-Kabobs returns!”

  1. Ricki November 4, 2010 at 3:02 am #

    I love the sound of your bake-off! I’m so addicted to chocolate, that would really be a huge challenge for me! 😉

    Thanks so much for the SOS shout-out–looking forward to seeing what you cook up!

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