Sunday Night Scramble and Indian Food

2 Nov

Today I bring you a Sunday Night Scramble for the ages.

I should first share my blurry lunch:

We were in the mood for India Palace, so we followed the craving all the way out to south Tulsa. Practically years away. They do a buffet during lunch hours, so we partook. I had a plate of salad (lettuce topped with their bean salad, mint chutney, and tamarind sauce) as well as the vegan offerings: vegetable pakora, Punjabi curry, and the standard mixed vegetables, which I can only guess is the Navratten curry. I had naan (two pieces) and a little rice on the side, plus more mint chutney for the pakora. My taller half had the same but with creamed spinach and mango custard for dessert.

Though I didn’t exactly gorge myself, it was a substantial meal. You can probably understand why my dinner was:

Half a kabocha squash topped with Chipotle Tabasco sauce, nutritional yeast, and black pepper, with homemade Rees’ Cuppage on the side. I did not eat all of them, nor did I eat one. The count was three or four total for the day. Given that it was my Halloween treat, I am cutting myself a little slack.

I was hoping to tell you all how I made delicious milk chocolate cups, but I did not. I only succeeded in messing up the texture of half this batch. I will gladly keep experimenting, though. You know, for you. Not for me. No no.

Happy Tuesday, all!


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