Dinner of Keptlovinglyforlaters

22 Oct

I basically had a plate of leftovers for dinner, but to call them just that doesn’t seem fair. The term “leftover” sounds like yesterday’s discards. These, instead, were keptlovinglyforlaters. Behold the deliciousness:

Drool. In the middle is vegan potato soup. Above it is red quinoa salad with cranberries, pecans, mushrooms, and summer squash. And then we have two slices of rye bread topped with spicy pumpkin dip and paprika. More drool.

I can only take credit for the pumpkin dip; all the rest was made — including the bread — by a cook extraordinaire in my book group. We were each sent home with a plate of goodies. Mine made a perfect dinner tonight.

The dip is basically hummus plus pumpkin. I followed this recipe with a couple of alterations: I doubled (OK, tripled) the garlic, added a couple of dashes of both ground ginger and chili powder, and I topped it with paprika. It’s tasty, but I wouldn’t sell my mama for it. (Hi, Mom!)

And in case you’re curious, our book discussion was on A Reliable Wife. My review is here.

And now I must return to the task at hand:

I wonder if I can wait an hour until they’ve firmed up . . .


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