Vindicating the potato

7 Oct


Potatoes get a bad rap. I blame Atkins and company for teaching America that carbs are what makes you fat. Fruits and veggies are carbs, and I guaran-damn-tee you they are not what has made us the most obese nation in the world. Unfortunately, the potato’s reputation hasn’t recovered. I’m here to present my argument as to why you should reintroduce the tuber into your kitchen.

1.    They taste delicious. OK, that’s not a health reason, but seriously, don’t they? They’re versatile, too. You can roast them, bake them, fry them, steam them, and boil them. Plus, they soak up the flavors around them well, making them little bursts of spice and complexity.

2.    They are loaded with fiber. Did you know that? One-hundred grams of spud (about one small potato) packs 2.2 grams of the stuff, with a large one (the kind you would bake) coming in at 9 grams. Make sure to eat the skin for all the benefits.

3.    They are basically fat-free, so you can top them with healthy fats without taking a major hit.

4.    They are chock-full of potassium. Are you surprised? In fact, they have more potassium per gram than bananas for about the same number of calories.

I wouldn’t recommend eating potatoes at every meal, but I wouldn’t recommend eating most produce three times a day. Don’t feel bad for indulging in them occasionally, though. Potatoes are a healthful addition to an overall healthy diet.

(I’m not a professional, but I have done lots of reading. Always do your own research before making food choices.)

And let’s not forget about my favorite ridiculous invention with the best name ever:


Without potatoes, this would never have been. How empty your life feel then?


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