Natural allergy relief

4 Oct

This post may sound dirty, but it’s snot.

I suffer from seasonal allergies, as I’m sure many of you do. It’s been a battle all my life to breathe as the seasons change. I’m lucky enough not to be afflicted with food allergies, but the mold, pollen, dust, and ragweed do have it in for me.

I spent much of my formative years hopped up on Sudafed and antihistamines. (Fun fact: pseudoephedrine makes me drowsy instead of hyper, further proof that I’m a freak.) In high school, a doctor I hated put me on Allegra for two years even though it did nothing. I also tried a nasal inhaler (the closest I had to relief). After graduation, I moved to California – for college, though the allergy relief was a nice bonus. And then I came back. Blah. That’s a story unto itself.

Basically, I’ve tried many, many things, and it wasn’t until the past year that I’ve actually discovered a regimen that keeps my sinuses better under control. Number one is . . .


Nasal irrigation. The popular accessory is a neti pot, but I’m cheap/lazy/into challenges (?), so I use a half-size glass, hot water, and a sprinkling of salt. Hang your pride on the coat tree. (Side note: I have no coat tree, nor have I ever used that term before. ‘Mfraid I may have to start.) It’s weird and takes time to get used to, but boy does it help. I do it twice a day in the yucky times.

Next is my friend raw, local honey. Even if I eventually give up dairy altogether, I will never call myself a vegan because of my honey use. Honestly, I don’t love the flavor. It’s a taste I’ve had to acquire. BUT the benefits are extreme. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my affliction since I began adding it to my morning tea.

Speaking of which, hot tea is another good one. Something about the warmth helps to wash germs and allergens out of the throat. It’s also soothing and generally a healthier alternative to coffee (though I’m not dissing on the darker brew).

Finally is orange juice. This maybe be an illusion, but I think the hit of vitamin C helps. You could also eat an actual orange, which would be healthier. However, my scratchy throat prefers the pulpy juice.

How do you control your allergies? Do you have any food allergies?


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