Half of the time we’re gone, but we don’t know where

24 Sep

The day started off with a disappointment. I was supposed to get a 30-minute hot stone massage at a local training college for cosmetologists and massage therapists. I ended up with a regular 30-minute massage, not at all what I wanted. I paid for that service and asked to be rebooked for what I wanted. I have to give the school major props for the way they handled it. They apologized and offered me 50% off the rebook. So I think I walked away the winner.

Anyway, I was a little cranky after rising at 8 a.m. on my day off to get a service I didn’t receive, so I almost immediately hopped on Marcello upon my return. I intended to do a short ride but ended up putting in a little over four miles in 30 minutes. That’s not incredibly long, but I expected to tire out after two miles.

I decided to go a different way today and ended up hooking onto the Newblock Park Trail for a bit. That’s when I discovered that it only takes me 10-15 minutes to bike to Waterworks Art Studio! I’ve taken three classes there that I loved and was looking forward to another one in the spring. Now I’ll have to take my bike. Yay! In case you’re curious, here’s a map of that area:

Yes, that is the actual color of the Arkansas River — when it has water in it, anyway. The trail wasn’t as pretty as the River Parks, but it was a nice change of pace. Plus, my high school is over that way, so this let me view the area from a different perspective. My favorite park was pedaling past a fence covered in gorgeous morning glories to my right and the juvenile detention center to my left. Ah, Tulsa.

Accompanying me today was this new, awesome thing I bought from Target. I purchased it for my upcoming trip to Italy (I can’t wait to tell you all about that), but it makes a perfect little bicycling friend, too. It has a pocket on the back for my Nano:

(Ha, yes, my sleeping dog worked her way in the photo.) And space inside for my keys and cell phone:

The wrist strap has a clip that I also hooked on the inside of my basket to hold everything in place:

And it’s purty:

There were several different designs, and it cost $10. Thanks to my friend Erica for telling me about them!

Speaking of my Nano, she decided to show off my old-manliness today, for the most part, with the playlist. It appropriately enough began with a song by the awesome dude who serenaded me and me alone at the giant spaceship downtown last night:

  1. Tom Petty, “Yer So Bad”
  2. The Black Crowes, “Seeing Things”
  3. Dar Williams, “This Was Pompeii”
  4. The Rolling Stones, “Soul Survivor”
  5. Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Don’t Look Now”
  6. Simon & Garfunkel, “The Only Living Boy in New York”
  7. The Black Crowes, “She Talks to Angels”
  8. Ben Folds, “Trusted”
  9. Elton John, “Levon”

After my ride, I made myself a delicious smoothie:

No, it’s not brown because it’s teeming with red-and-green fruits and veggies. It’s brown because of the cocoa powder. Slurp. I’ve been making smoothies in this blender for, oh, 2.5 years now, so I don’t tend to measure things. But just for you, I’ve put together what I believe to be a legitimate recipe for a healthy chocolate smoothie.


  • 2 frozen bananas in chunks
  • 5 slices of frozen peach
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon nut butter (I used Justin’s Maple Almond again)
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • a few dashes of cinnamon

Add ingredients to the blender in the listed order, starting with 1/4 cup of water, and blend until smooth. If it’s too thick, add more water. Drink and enjoy!

This is also wonderfully tasty with peanut instead of almond butter and with other kinds of frozen fruit. Strawberry is a good choice, but I love the smoothness of the peaches with chocolate and banana. If you want to add nutrition, throw in a handful of fresh spinach before everything else. I would have, but I didn’t have any.

I have a long to-do list today (including buying a watch battery, cleaning, having lunch with my love, laundry, and possibly checking out the new Anthropologie store in Tulsa), so I’m off. Have a fabulous Friday!


One Response to “Half of the time we’re gone, but we don’t know where”

  1. Alicia (Vegan Epicurean) September 24, 2010 at 7:01 pm #

    Loved your smoothie comment. I was surpised it wasn’t brown from the combo of colorful veggies and fruit that makes that nice mud color until you clarified. I have had my share of non-chocolate brown smoothies.

    Enjoy your day off!

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