Dinner before the Heartbreakers

23 Sep

Sorry for the radio silence over here, and I apologize in advance for the brevity of the post that shall follow. I’ve been busy this week, but I promise not to make a habit of not posting.

I am going to watch my BFF Tom Petty play in an hour (!!), but I wanted to share my quick and ridiculous dinner:

Definitely a Thursday Night Scramble, eh? Before you is the rest of the purple hull peas, the third-to-last piece of cornbread, and — yes — a teenintsy sweet potato topped with a teaspoon of peanut butter and some sri racha. I ate it with my fingers. The tater came from the farmers market, and it was about the size of a gerbil.

Oh my goodness, I wish I hadn’t made that comparison. 😛

I hope everyone is having a delightful Thursday. I’m going to go sing and dance like no self-respecting 26-year-old professional should.


One Response to “Dinner before the Heartbreakers”

  1. Alicia (Vegan Epicurean) September 24, 2010 at 3:24 am #

    Hope you are having a great time tonight!

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