Breakfast KEEN-wah

18 Sep

Until yesterday, Marcello had been feeling neglected again, so I made it up to him with another bike ride today. I will make such a wonderful mother.

We added a little less than a mile to yesterday’s jaunt for a total of 5.3 miles and about 130 calories burned.

I never look like the majority of other riders. First, my bike is nearly twice my age and shows it — in a sexy older man kind of way, of course. Marcello is the George Clooney or Harrison Ford of the bicycling world. Also, I tend to wear jeans and cotton flats instead of the gear sported by the real enthusiasts. Today, I took it a step further: I was Donna Reed on two wheels.

Yes, I wore pearls. Well, glass pearls on the Anne Boleyn necklace I made myself. No shame, no shame at all. I had already showered so I could hit up the farmers market, so I opted for my other favorite, slightly scandalous method of cooling off:

Be thankful I spared you the undies shot.

By now, I may be posting my playlist more for my own enjoyment now than anyone else’s, but I persist. My Nano is not always the best at being random on shuffle, nor does it tend to hit my mood all that well, but I have to give My Little Grape mad propz for its song selection today. Other than playing two Rolling Stones songs (no cardinal sin in itself), this playlist was a perfect mix of mid-tempo, retro (or retro-feeling) songs and some slightly more upbeat modern tracks:

  1. Lily Allen, “Knock ‘Em Out”
  2. Goo Goo Dolls, “Acoustic #3”
  3. The Monkees, “I’m a Believer”
  4. Outkast, “Church”
  5. Joshua Radin, “Brand New Day”
  6. The Rolling Stones, “I Got the Blues”
  7. Vampire Weekend, “Cape Cod (Kwassa Kwassa)”
  8. The Rolling Stones, “Tell Me”
  9. M.I.A. featuring Afrikan Boy, “Hussel”
  10. Dar Williams, “Christians and Pagans”
  11. Simon & Garfunkel, “For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her”

Afterward, I needed some real fuel. Coffee and sweat only keep the hunger at bay for so long. Since it was already after 11:00, I opted for a breakfast-lunch hybrid (some people call that brunch):

Sweet quinoa, topped with maple syrup and cinnamon. Fact that should embarrass me: I pronounced it phonetically (quih-NO-uh) for about a year. It’s KEEN-wah so you don’t sound like an ignorant Okie, too.

Quinoa is a grain in the same way that tomatoes are vegetables and peanuts are nuts: in use, not in biology. I’m a big fan of it for a number of reasons, including its extreme ease to make, its fluffy texture, and its delicately nutty flavor. It also cooks up a lot faster than true grains, so it’s good to have around for a quick meal.

This is my first time sweetening it up, and I have to say I’m a new fan. I think I’ll try it with a sliced banana and some of the Justin’s nut butter next time. You could also add raisins if you like to take delicious things and make them disgusting. I don’t judge.

To accompany it, I enjoyed a delicate cup (or four) of Celestial Seasoning’s Honey Vanilla Chamomile, left over from my party, from my awesome teapot in a delicate cup:

Pinkies up!

And sorry to cross-polinate cross-promote, but I’m doing a giveaway on my craft blog. Head over to vote for my Indie Emporium logo and have a chance to win something from me!


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