Boris and Marcello

17 Sep

On today’s bike ride, Marcello made room in his basket for our new friend, Boris. That is the name of my adorable new camera. I was sick of the memory stick showing up as “NO NAME” on my desktop, so I dubbed him (and therefore the entire camera) Boris.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show you some of the things I see on my weekly rides through Boris’s lens. All the shots were taken on the way back, but I will start with where my biking journey begins each time:

I may live on the not-so-fashionable west side of the river, but I bet my view is better than yours. 😛

The total loop today was 4.5 miles, and here’s the view to the east of my midway point:

And to the west:

Next up, I became the one-millionth person to take an “artsy” shot of the 21st/23rd Street Bridge:

I live in Tulsa, where road construction is constant and never-ending. Here’s some on the trail:

This shot from the east side of the Arkansas River shows off the tents set up for this weekend’s Scottish games as well as a certain apartment complex and part of the OSU-Tulsa medical school:

This is the hill that takes you up 15th Street. It was the hardest part of my bike ride to the farmers market for sure:

Here we have a slab of Route 66 and, well, more construction!

This bridge takes me to and from the east side:

This is a scary little hill that makes me want to yell “whee!” and wish I wore knee and elbow pads at the same time:

So that’s a little sneak look at what I see on my rides. I have plenty of not-so-nice things to say about Tulsa, but it’s a pretty city.

And here’s today’s pedaling playlist:

  1. Moby, “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?”
  2. The Shins, “Mine’s Not a High Horse”
  3. Simon & Garfunkel, “The Sound of Silence”
  4. Taylor Swift, “Should’ve Said No”
  5. Moby, “South Side”
  6. David Bowie, “Ziggy Stardust”
  7. Dar Williams, “Southern California Wants to Be Western New York”
  8. Outkast, “Bowtie”
  9. Bonnie Raitt, “Angel from Montgomery”
  10. Counting Crowes, “Blackberry”

Apparently my Nano was cranky on the way down and into Moby.


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