16 Sep

No, this post does not have anything to do with my brief stint at a certain local newspaper. It’s about good intentions, dreams for this blog to become something special. I had planned to introduce two features to this here blog: the Sunday Night Scramble (which made an appearance once) and the Meatless Monday Meal Ideas (which remains in a dark corner of my brain). They were going to be fun and educational. And they still will be if I manage to produce them. Forgive me.

Instead, for this week, I present the weekday version of the Sunday Night Scramble: the Monday Lunch and Wednesday Dinner Clean-the-Fridge Meals.

Someone (not me) was a sicky pants this weekend, so we decided to hold off on making our weekly grocery run Sunday, postponing it until Monday evening. This little swaparoo necessitated a creative lunch on the first day of the week. Enter the leftover express:

Before you is the rest of my (decidedly un-vegan) eggplant parmesan from Friday’s birthday dinner, vegan white bean spread concocted for some of the tea sandwiches, broccoli and snow peas from the party’s veggie trays, and a few carrots I bought for something I no longer recall. I don’t peel my carrots: is that gross? It’s a laziness and wastefulness thing. I did scrub ‘em good, though. (That’s an attempt to sound more Okie, which apparently is not my inclination, despite being born and raised here.)

(Also, I would like to point out there is a squiggly blue line under the word peel indicating that Word thinks I meant to type “I don’t feel my carrots.” Now that would be weird.)

Anyway, back to the food. This meal was, well, it was weird, but it was also tasty, and I ate it, and I didn’t starve to death. The end.

For my Wednesday dinner, I took a similar, though less eclectic, approach:

Whole-wheat linguine tossed with two small summer squash (cooked in 1.5 teaspoons of olive oil), lemon zest, fresh basil, crushed red pepper, nutritional yeast and two cloves of raw garlic. We had seven — seven — squashes in the fridge left over from my last farmers market run and a freebie from one of my taller half’s coworkers, so I didn’t want to let them go to waste. I also dined on squash Tuesday night. We had a couple of lonely lemons whose services were not required for the tea-colored lemonade, and I am a big fan of adding zest to veggie-filled pasta dishes. The basil was left over from the white bean spread, and all the rest – minus the pasta, which we bought – is stuff we always have around except in times of great tragedy.

How often do you make clean-the-fridge-or-pantry meals? It’s a favorite practice of mine.


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