11 Sep

I turned 25 and 12 months today. Some people call that 26, but I call them uncreative.

Don’t I look more mature?

Tomorrow, I’m having a tea party to celebrate aging and to drink tea while wearing a fancy dress. But back to today.

I have two food highlights to share. One will be in a separate post because it’s a restaurant review, and being organized — at least mentally — is very important to me. Anyway, I didn’t feel like cooking lunch on my birthday, mostly because I spent most of my day baking and pureeing for the party. Instead, I grabbed some tasties at the Whole Foods deli. Behold my amazing lunch:

Mock buffalo chicken salad sandwich and artichoke asparagus salad. Yummmmmmmm! If you haven’t tried the mock chicken salad in its various incarnations, you should remedy that immediately.

This involved spiciness, which automatically made it divine. All I did was sandwich the premade stuff between two toasted slices of Whole Foods’ small batch whole wheat bread. Drool.

The salad is one of my favorites. I’m slightly obsessed with artichoke hearts, and these are always delicious.

So there you go. I’m the kind of gal who celebrates her birthday with artichokes and spicy sandwiches. No surprises here.


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