I’m an extraordinary eating/biking machine

3 Sep

I don’t think I’ve mentioned before that I have Fridays off. Before you get too jealous, that means I put in 10-hour days Monday through Thursday. All the same, I love it. For the last two weeks, I’ve taken advantage of the cooler Friday mornings to pedal, as you’ve seen before. Today took me on a 6.7-mile trek, yet another distance record for me so far. The first half was easy, but the return trip was a little rough. I guess I didn’t notice that a lot of the way out was slightly downhill, making it a bit of an incline for about three miles back. Poor legs and booty.

My lovely readers seemed to enjoy the last bicycling playlist I posted, so I will oblige again. This one is almost too repetitive to share (really, three Rilo Kiley songs? and two by Fiona Apple?), but it’s reality, folks; it’s the cold, raw thrill of my Nano’s lack of good shuffling ability.

  1. Rilo Kiley, “Accidntel Deth” (an ominous start)
  2. The Black Crowes, “Kickin’ My Heart Around”
  3. Dolly Parton, “I Will Always Love You”
  4. Rilo Kiley, “We’ll Never Sleep (God Knows We’ll Try)”
  5. Fiona Apple, “Parting Gift”
  6. The Lemonheads, “It’s a Shame About Ray”
  7. Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Long as I Can See the Light”
  8. Rilo Kiley, “Dreamworld”
  9. Interference, “Gold” (from the Once soundtrack)
  10. Tom Petty, “Depending on You”
  11. Fiona Apple, “Extraordinary Machine”
  12. Portishead, “Sour Times”
  13. Kathy McCarty, “Living Life”
  14. Pavement, “Range Life”

Bam. These delightful harmonics had me pondering a whole bevy of things whilst pedaling: “I honestly don’t think I care too much about Ray;” “How long will it last before I go insane?”; “I, too, have that old travelin’ bone;”  and “I wouldn’t really say Stone Temple Pilots are terribly elegant bachelors, and they certainly aren’t foxy to me.”

I returned quite hungry having skipped breakfast out of laziness. So what’s a famished lass with leftovers to do?

Yep, eat breakfast and lunch together. Hello, old friends.

(By the way, I apologize for the clutter in these photos. The only good lighting in my entire apartment is in the computer room, so I either take food shots in the dark kitchen, on my computer desk, or on the carpet in that room.)

The salad is basically identical to the one I posted on Wednesday, except that I didn’t use tomatoes (I’ll explain my tomato thing one day) and that I made my own dressing. This isn’t much of a recipe, but I combined a tablespoon of tahini, about 2 1/2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar, a small minced garlic clove, a tiny dribble of toasted sesame oil, two dashes of ground ginger, and enough water to thin it out a little.

The scramble, too, is almost the same as Monday’s, except that I omitted the spinach and accidentally used double the amount of curry powder. ‘Twas still a delight. In fact, I may have preferred the spinach-free version, but spinach is one of the few foods I don’t love that I try to fit into my diet any way. That’s why I add it to smoothies.

I almost couldn’t finish this meal. It felt huge. I’m sure I’ll be hungry in 20 minutes, though.

Also, I would like to thank the neighbors  — who may or may not have seen me in my underwear while I took the above photos — for not calling the police or starting a riot. I opened the blinds to maximize the natural light and then realized I wasn’t wearing any pants. And yes, I do live on the first floor. Whoops.

Tasty food, some cardio, and flashing the neighbors make me feel a little less lazy on the beginning of my four-day weekend, but here’s hoping I actually start on that to-do list now.

What food do you eat for health reasons that you don’t particularly like? I refuse to eat anything I dislike, but I do sneak in spinach whenever possible. I’ve learned that baby spinach is far easier for me to stomach than the big leaves.


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